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Purchasing Specialist
Cersanit Romania, Rumunia

Staż pracy:8 month

How is your day job?
A day of work with Cersanit means agitation, full schedule, unpredictable situations and finally satisfactions that are coming from the effort of solving various claims.
What is most interesting in your work?
The challenge and the idea of solving problems of which I've never hit such as mechanical problems. Every day I meet new challenges, so varied and particularly in less known areas.
What did you learn at work over the last year?
Once I was hired at Cersanit I learned to appreciate more teamwork and adapt my ideas (solutions) according to the needs of others. Another important thing I learned is to support a reasoned point of view.
Can you please advise new employees?
It would be too much if I'd say I would offer an advice, but as for the new employees are concerned I would encourage them to sustain their opinions.
They also must have initiative. These are the best advice from my point of view.

Finally to complete the sentence: In Cersanit ...
In Cersanit the main advantage is the team work