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Ceramic part sorter in Glazing department
Cersanit Invest, Ukraina

Staż pracy:2 years

How is your day job?
My accountability is to sort and make final surface finishing on ceramic parts (toilets wash basins) before glazing operation.
What is most interesting in your work?
In my work I am nearly the last person who sees semi-product before firing. It depends always from my decision if the product goes out to glazing and firing with best quality or not. I always try to do my best to avoid mistakes as I realize that customer (when he buys the products) will evaluate the quality of my daily work.
What did you learn at work over the last year?
I think the key learnings for the last year for me are:
- Teamwork with my colleagues in my shift and those who work in other shifts on my working place. We work in conveyor and the result depends on contribution of each of us.
-  We have to pay more attention on surface finishing that means the final product has to look perfectly.
Can you please advise new employees?
To learn and more from “old” employees who show good results, it will help to achieve working proficiency.

Finally to complete the sentence: In Cersanit ...
In Cersanit we have stable work with stable payment which is important in present time.