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Pracownicy o firmie - zobacz co mówią



Cersanit Invest, Ukraina

Staż pracy:1 year

How is your day job?
My working day is full of solving the urgent issues and different tasks.
What is most interesting in your work?
I like my job and all the things connected with it. I improve my communication skills while cooperating with contact persons from foreign companies. Every new working day brings me the new impressions and knowledge.
What did you learn at work over the last year?
During the last year I’ve learnt to organize my working time, properly implement the priorities while solving different issues and quickly find the way out of difficult situations.
Can you please advise new employees?
To my mind, it’s a pleasure to work at such a modern company for each good specialized person.

Finally to complete the sentence: In Cersanit ...
In Cersanit each working day brings something new and interesting.