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Senior IT Specialist
Cersanit Invest, Ukraina

Staż pracy:3 years

How is your day job?
I always try to work due to plan which includes all the current problems, tasks by priority, but first of all I try to solve the most urgent issues. Each day is interesting in its own way.
What is most interesting in your work?
Basically, the most interesting is to implement the new tasks, to find the solutions for standard and non-standard problems, to see that your work brings benefits and facilitates the routine work for others.
What did you learn at work over the last year?
For the last year I’ve learnt a lot and reached a lot of things. First of all, this is the ability to work cohesively in a team, to find the way out form different difficult situations, which appear during operation of our department. Within this year I’ve found out a lot of new things in the field of computer technologies, learnt a lot of modern computer technologies and new software. I’ve learnt to analyze clearly the tasks, to prioritize and consistently implement all the current tasks and projects.
Can you please advise new employees?
I think that each specialist who wants to reach the height in its own career wouldn’t refuse to work at such a modern, high-tech plant as Cersanit.

Finally to complete the sentence: In Cersanit ...
In Cersanit Company I’ve found very interesting work, which helps me to develop and become more experienced specialist in my own field.